Nha Trang : Wanting to let loose, get a bit wild and have some fun on the water?Well you’ve come to the right place. A popular water sports area with the likes of windsurfing, paragliding and jet skiing on offer; theres enough adrenaline here to keep even the most adventurous happy. No need to prebook, all can be arranged from the beach. The best places to stay are in the side alleys and not on the main road.

The work is easy and fun, it’s a great way to replenish funds while travelling Vietnam. I was on a five dollars a day plus two meals and unlimited booze deal… I was totally wrecked for a week or two, not my proudest accomplishment.

The beach at night is a great place to hang out with other backpackers and get royally pissed however it, can be dangerous and a few backpackers have been robbed there so avoid ending up there alone. While enjoying the nightlife be aware of the many hookers strolling the street at night. They will try to pickpocket you by grabbing at your crotch with one hand and slipping the other into your pockets… Keep your hands on your pockets, no matter what.

fishing village Phan thiet

Welcome to Mui Ne! : The bustling fishing town first discovered by tourists during the 1995 solar eclipse. Back when Mui Ne was a single dirt track, Littered only by coconuts. [Pic of coconut palms on beach] There weren’t any motorbikes for hire back then, only Push-bikes. There was one bar, one restaurant, and everyone slept in bungalows or huts.
The area became famed for its kite surfing, during windy season hundreds of Kite surfers, Professionals and Learners flock to Mui Ne to experience some of the best winds in the world. Mui Ne’s come a long way since then, for better or for worse, the road has definitely improved and there’s a larger variety of restaurants, beach bars, and attractions like the Sand Dunes and Fishing Village still bring in tourism to the area. But with better infrastructure comes commercialisation and the main Mui Ne strip is very built up. So much so that you can hardly make out the beach from all the hotels that now cover it.

At Longson MuiNe we’re more than happy to give recommendations for the best places to find in Mui Ne. From adventure clubs to restaurants we can help you find whatever you need.

Dalat :

There is not a whole lot to do in Dalat (although you can ride an ostrich!) but the ride itself is very scenic. I managed to crash and hurt myself quite badly, the roads are difficult and if you have limited riding experience I suggest you hire a driver and just go on the back of the bike. Most backpackers do this rather than riding themselves