Vietnam among top 5 experience adventure paradises in Asia

The tourism website of Asia One has recommended 5 must-tries in Asia to adventure addicts including kite-surfing in Mui Ne (Phan Thiet, Binh Thuan Province). 

Surfing is a popular sport in European countries. Despite having been imported for a long time, it was only when international surfing competitions were held in Vietnam that this adventure sport attracted the attention. Not only improving health, surfing is also a new experience for extreme game addicts.With the long coast and strong wind, Vietnam has become an ideal place for beach sports, especially surfing.

Especially, Mui Ne – known as the world of resort – is now becoming increasingly famous on the tourism world map because more and more world’s sport stars came here to join competitions such as Kerstin Reiger, Chris Pressler, Michael Fenanoez, etc. They said that beach and wind there were awesome, which made it an ideal place for surfing.

Windsurfing and kitesurfing followed foreign tourists’footsteps to come to Vietnam. The nature in Mui Ne beach is awesome with the long coast and big waves which are suitable for windsurfing – a sport requiring participant’s courage and good health. As for adventure addicts, kitesurfing in Mui Ne will be one of the most exciting and satisfying experience. This sport bears some resemblances to windsurfing but in addition, it has a kite blown in strong wind that pulls the players upwards.

In Mui Ne, there are many places for learning kitesurfing and renting necessary tools for the game. Besides, there are also many other underwater games including surfing, windsurfing, kayaking, etc. In Phan Thiet, the image of foreing tourists wandering with surf boards on the beach has become more popular than ever. They often come from Europe and America. These games are of many people’s interest in Mui Ne despite the expensiveness of equipping with all necessary tools. On windy days, tourists can feel the excitement of these sports on Mui Ne’s beaches through atcs of going through waves, blowing the body up to the air or surfing swiftly on the water.

Although it was imported and became popular only in Mui Ne, these adventure underwater games have been welcomed warmly by a plenty of Vietnamese people. It will be a shortcoming if tourists miss Bau Cat Trang and Cat Hong when they come to visit Mui Ne. There, besides taking photos of breathtaking scenes, tourists also can participate in many games such as sand surfing, sand dune climbing, sand dune discovering by off-road motorcycle.

Besides kitesurfing in Mui Ne, five experience adventure paradises recommended by Asia One include Indoor skydiving in Singapore, Snorkelling in Palawan, Philippines, Trekking to Everest Base Camp, Nepal and Bungee jumping in Macau, China.