With a special love for nature, the Executive Board of Longlink Vietnam has a strong determination to build up “a resting paradise” named LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort in the land of sand – Mui Ne, Binh Thuan Province. Owning remarkable advantages of location, service, staff, etc., this place will be a promising destination of any traveler that is keen on leisure travel and expect to enjoy a truly relaxing time. 

1.The “golden” location for leisure travel in Mui Ne

Located in Long Son Suoi Nuoc area on Coastal road 706 from Phan Thiet to Nha Trang, LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort appears as an emerald in the middle of the wild beach of Mui Ne. With the area of 40,000 m2, this resort offers a variety of services and atractive amusement destinations to bring tourists the most perfect relaxing experiences.

Mother Nature has granted this area 165km of the coastline with beautiful and safe beaches. Tourists can freely immerse themselves in blue ocean and play with naughty waves. From that, we are proud to construct a place that is quiet enough but still full of inspiration for tourist to enjoy the most convenient moments.

2. LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort – the ideal land to discover the wild nature

Designed in the contemporary style with the sophisticating interior decoration, the overall architecture of  LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort can offer tourists relaxing experiences that are close and friendly with the wild nature.

Besides its convenience, this resort also owns a Gala Dinner banquet room that is ready to meet the demand of big and professional events. At LongSon MuiNe, that all standard conference rooms are equipped with modern appliances and served by professional event staff will guarantee the perfect operation of any event held there.

Gala Dinner activity

Experiencing outside camping at LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort

Couple Tent - Double Tent - Lều 2 người

Moreover, LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort will bring new and unique travel experiences with campground service for outside camping. The wild nature will be thoroughly discovered thank to this different type of service. Tourists have a chance of resting at outside camping areas including The Coconut Garden and The Central Hall. There are 2 types of camp: single camp and double camp. This is considered as an important remark that creates the difference of  LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort. Let’s imagine about a new and different holiday: resting in a tent, hearing interesting sounds of wave harmonized with fresh sea breezes and the rustling of coconut leaves, etc. All of those things, without doubt, will bring new “nature-touching” experiences that are so atractive to anyone that has a chance of visiting this place.

3. A place to experience perfect services

 As an open space with beautiful seaview, LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort can bring relaxing and comfortable feelings that other places cannot. Its room system that is of high quality, convenient, simple but sophisticating will be a perfect place to rest.

Open rooms with sea view

At 2 areas including Garden View Bungalow and Sea View Bungalow, tourists can easily make choice to have the most satisfying resting experience. Guests can choose between a sea view place and a garden view one. Whatever they choose, they can enjoy the most relaxing moment, which is the top priority of  LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort.

Besides perfect resting places, LongSon MuiNe also concentrates on activities for tourists. That’s why evenings here seem to be never-ending. Tourists can experience “non-sleeping” nights in Mui Ne. In the evening, they can take part in different interesting activities such as campfiring on the beach, watching movie outside, pub crawling around Phan Thiet’s most famous pubs, etc. Especially, “Just A Dollar” program every Friday can offer interesting experiences that cost only 1$ such as food, beverage, room service (selective). In addition, the jeep tour that provides tourists with transporting service to discover beautiful destinations of Mui Ne including Bau Trang, Fairy stream, etc., will bring awesome experiences in the area with beautifful sand dunes. Thank to that, tourists can be over the moon in every single moment there.

The jeep tour service chosen by many visitors in MuiNe

Moreover, tourists have a lot of food and beverage choices at the restaurant and bar. They can enjoy fresh seafood which is the combination of local and international flavour and processed on the advice of Chef Tinh Hai, Examiner of Master Chef Vietnam. Besides, the bar decorated in Western style is ready to serve tourists 24 hours a day with a variety of drinks.