Nine reasons why Long Son is the Best campground in Mui Ne and Vietnam itself

  1. Location: We are located north of Mui Ne on an east facing beach called Suoc Nuoc, Unlike the main Mui Ne Strip the area is underdeveloped and our beach is pristine and private. Our East Facing beach is perfect for sun and moon rises.

2.  Cost: We’re one of the most inexpensive campgrounds in the country, You’ll pay only $4 per person for our tents or just 2$ for your own tent or hammock! $1 per person on Fridays! With Outside Dorms and Air Con Dorms available. (click here for more info)

3. Staff are a friendly English speaking multinational team (of fortune seekers) who’s aim is to make new friends and spread campground life to Vietnam!

LongSon MuiNe Team

4. Entertainment! There’s something new to do every night, From Pub Quiz’s and Movie Nights, To Sandcastle Competitions. (click here for more info)

5. Dunes tours and pub crawls! We’ve got a hook up for Dunes Tours which run for Sunrise and Sunsets to see the Mui Ne Sights. (check out our photos here)

6. The food is a mixture of Vietnamese traditional (try our special hot pot) and western cuisine. There’s a daily $1 Menu for travelers on a budget.

7. Our space is specially designed to provide large social areas, great for meeting new people and hanging out.

8. Weather: Mui Ne is the sunniest place in Vietnam and our location Right between the dunes; means that the constant updraft of hot air keeps the clouds and rain away. (check forecast here)

9. 24 hour bar will be a surprise especially for those who travels long time in South-East Asia. Beer’s for Sunrise? Check!