This is the first time the campround model of LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort has appeared in Mui Ne and brought a perfectly unique camping service. The wild nature of Mui Ne Beach can be discovered through this tourism form.

Nature-friendly view

As the first resort to apply the campround model – camping to experience in Mui Ne, LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort is an ideal place bringing different and perfect relaxing experiences. The camping area is situated at the two most beautiful locations of the resort, including Coco Garden (Coconut Garden) and Beach. If Coco Garden offers fresh feeling with green nature surrounded by high coconut trees, Beach brings different feelings with sea view. Mui Ne Beach is famous for its wild beauty, so, when you come to this place, you should go camping on the beach at least one time to enjoy the beauty of Mui Ne Beach.

A unique way to experience the wilderness

In the time that people interfere deeply with the nature life, that an area still maintains the wilderness of the nature  is a rare fact and LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort already did it. In the hope of bringing tourists real experiences about the wild nature, LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort gave birth to the campround experience. Tourists are taken care of from the smallest conveniences such as: blankets, pillows, cushions, etc. Besides, tourists can freely decide the location of their camp. It would be so interesting to lie inside the camp, listen to the voice of palm leaves and  the sound of waves. All of those aims at the only goal: Bring tourists perfect experiences.

In addition, LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort also provides an ideal space for tourists from all countries to make friends. According to statistics, tourists of LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort mainly come from Britain, the US, Denmark, Norway, Sweden, etc. This will be a place for different cultures to meet and create a multicultural harmony in Mui Ne.

source: vietnamtourism

source: Newspaper of sport & culture

Couple Tent - Double Tent - Lều 2 người

A unique way to experience the wilderness

LongSon MuiNe Beach Campground Resort supplies camping services with adequate conveniences and the most reasonable price. There are 2 types of service for tourists to choose:

  • Single camp for 1 person (4$)
  • Double camp for 2 people (8$)

Moreover, the restaurant and seaview bar are ready to serve tourists 24/7 and meet almost all their necessities. The restaurant’s specialties and cool beverages of sea flavour will certainly wake all your senses up.

Let’s come here and experience the wild nature in your own way!


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