Single Tent - Lều 1 người

Single Tents

A cozy private tent you can call home for just $3 a night, either in the quiet shaded campground or on our lovely beach where you can wake up to a beautiful sunrise.  These tents are perfect for a solo traveler on a budget or someone looking to try something new.  The tents are equipped with a thick mattress, blanket, pillow, and mosquito screen to keep out those pesky bugs.

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Double Tents

Our larger option which you can own for just $6 a night, either in the quiet shaded campground or on the beautiful beach, where you can wake to a lovely sunrise.  These tents are perfect for traveling couples on a budget or a single camper who likes to really spread out when sleeping.  The tents are equipped with two thick mattresses, blankets, pillows, and a mosquito net to keep out those annoying bugs.

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Couple Tent - Double Tent - Lều 2 người
Single beds in dormtiory room - Giường tập thể máy quạt

Open Dorm Single

If you’re not really into the camping option these beds are perfect for you.  Comfortable dorm beds with built in mosquito nets to keep those bugs away, fans throughout the dorm to keep you cool at night, power outlets, huge lockers to store anything you need, and the peaceful calming sounds of the ocean waves just outside the bamboo walls of the dorm.  This option is perfect for solo and group travelers as we have a 14 bed dorm, two 20 bed dorms, and a 30 bed dorm priced at just $3 a night.

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Air-conditioned Dorm

Can’t handle the heat at night, or just looking to sleep extra comfortable?  The $4 air-conditioned option is meant for you. This is a 10 bed dorm with 5 bunkbeds throughout, a powerful air-conditioner to keep you extra cool at night, large lockers to store your belongings, power outlets, free towels, toothbrush, shampoo, and lovely hot showers.  We leave the remote to the A/C in the room so you have full control over the temperature to avoid freezing to death like in most other hostels.

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Bunk bed in Mixed Dorm Room with AC - Giường tằng tập thẻ máy lạnh
Double Beds in Mixed Dormitory Room

Shared Double Beds in Dorm Room

If you’re not into camping and you would like to cuddle up with someone else at night, or just really spread those legs, this option is perfect for you at $10 a night.  These beds are equipped with a large mosquito net to keep those bugs off, fans throughout the dorm to cool you down, huge lockers to store all your stuff, power outlets to charge those electronics, big white curtains to provide a bit of privacy, and the soothing sounds of the ocean to lull you to sleep.  This option is perfect for those that don’t want to camp but still want to stay on a beach and need a little more privacy than the open dorms.

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